Yellow Pages

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Devotionals

Lesson one. There used to be a saying: let your fingers do the walking. Well that was the ad for the Yellow pages. You would open the Yellow pages, turn it, and find what you were looking for. I want to make an addendum to that statement: Let your dressing do the walking.

The way we dress is telling a story but we must ask ourselves if the story we are telling is the truth. Women have beautiful bodies and those beautiful bodies are admired by men.That’s the way God meant it to be but our clothing speaks, and the messade it is telling others- is it the message we really want them to hear?

Modesty is at the heart of who we really want to be. In truth, we may have a man’s attention but we may not have his respect. Men often objectify women, looking at their bodies, and not considering their spirits. We will always attract what we bait. If you want salmon, make sure you dont bait for catfish. That is to say that modesty and purity will attract a Godly young man but sexy clingy clothes will atrract the kind that you dont want to keep.

I used to have a principal who used to say: “Beware of the three B’s: Boobs, butt and bellies.” He was right- those three b’s can attract the wrong kind of attention. It is possible to get attention, remember, but not have respect. Use modesty as a tool that will bait you the right kind of fish.