Publicity Events

I Made History

We are creating a coloring booklet to accompany our I Made History devotional book. Taking her original artwork, Cherie Bernard Terblanche painstakingly traces and outlines the image of each of the 29 African American heroes celebrated in our book. Her efforts reproduce a perfectly symmetrical picture for each coloring page. Below is a video of how she does it. Learn and enjoy!

18 December 2021

Rawsonville Children and Youth Year-End Function

Mr. Offie was back at it again, blessing children with books and goodies for Christmas. This time, he was in Rawsonville  at the Rawsonville Children and Youth year-end function. It was so exciting to see Makak Makes Music in the hands of so many children. I’m believing that the Lord will share His message of unconditional love and ever-present help through the books.

13 December 2021

Children’s Christmas Party – Makak Makes Music

Reprint #3. We have a new smaller size for our book, Makak Makes Music. To celebrate, we handed out the remaining first editions of the book which made great gifts for our students at our children’s Christmas party. We encourage literacy and reading always, so we added journals, devotionals, games, and other children’s books to our gift bags. #Children‘s Books #South African community outreach.

October 2021

Clarissa and Musicraft

September 2021

Book reading at Living Waters Christian School

A year ago, I launched Makak Makes Music written for ages 8-12. The lovable character is always a hit with children, no matter their ages. Last Wednesday, I read an excerpt from one of the books, and the students of Church of Living Water School followed the antics of Sinegugu the hippo, our favorite monkey, Makak, and his cat friends.

May 2019 

Cherié starts illustrations for Makak Makes Music

December 2019 

A Different Kind of Christmas recorded by Audible and available for download or purchased on audio CD

eBook version of A Different Kind of Christmas available for purchase

Cherié starts illustrations for Makak Makes Music

April 2020 

Jo Scott from Franschhoek, South Africa joins for illustrations for Makak Makes Music and other stories and poems

 Manners etc. poems by Ellawithlove Designs

July 2020 

Podcast interview with Flourish Writers

August 2020

Started FB page for WHoLly Literate

Printed book of Makak Makes Music available for purchase

Publication in Worcester Standard for Makak Makes Music

Booksigning and bookreading at The Olive Tree bookstore

September 2020 

Devotional booklets available for purchase

October 2020 

WL Logo etc. designs by Ellawithlove Designs

Attends Women’s Conference to market books and other items

November 2020

Jasmine Baker joins for illustrations for Baby and Woo-Woo, as well as Tough Love

Baby and Woo-Woo

Tough Love

Marketing in  the USA

January & February 2021

Tough Love created in
eBook version

Lives Here Now and Doesn’t Live Here Anymore quotes created into images