What’s In A Name

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Poetry

Who names us and how we are named sets the foundation, the very core, of our identity. Only One has the right to name us, and His name is Creator God. Listen to what He says about you today- Daughter of the King. Painting by Theresa Schelhase.

You’ve obviously
confused me with
someone else.

I am the daughter
of the King.
I have His ear
and know His secrets,
When He is ready to
pull down a kingdom,
I am alerted.

When death is to
visit a home,
He whispers in my ear,
“Get ready.”

Obviously, this is a case
of mistaken identity.

You mistook me
for someone
who slightly resembles me
– perhaps the baker’s daughter
or the cobbler’s niece,
but hear me clearly tell you-
I am the daughter of the King.

If you didn’t recognize it
in the tilt of my head
as I graciously leaned
to lift the child who had fallen

…perhaps the lilt of my voice
portrayed my lineage,
what the sway of hips
and graceful movement may convey,
the erect carriage and
steady shoulders leave no doubt,

For those with the
least discernment,
it should be apparently
clear that I am
the daughter of the King
and no man’s handmaiden.

I know the sound of
my Father’s steps and
understand the sighs
of His breath.

I translate His words
for foreign dignitaries
and leaders of nations.

I never have or
will ever be common.
So, you see,
you must have confused me
with someone else.

One who does not know
her place or value,
One who does not
know her parentage,

But I am not such a one.
I am the daughter of the King.

You cannot name me
For I am already named
Beloved and My Delight is in Her

Such a name graces me
as ointment and beautiful jewels
It is the name that
My Father chose for me.

Since I am His
And His delight is in me
I can delight in all that
He has made me to be

So, you must excuse me
as I leave these tawdry
baubles behind.
The emeralds, diamonds, and
sapphires that my Father
Adorns me with await
me in His chambers

Beauty for ashes.
Joy for mourning.