Single Dad Salute

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Poetry

A father by any name is just as sweet; so this week, we begin by honouring all sorts of dads.
Today, we pay tribute to a special kind of man – the single dad.

Artwork by Jo Scott

“Single Dad Salute”

The world thought that you couldn’t do it,
that you should just throw in the towel.
Instead, you rolled up your sleeves and
fought harder, dug deeper, worked
smarter, somehow.

Sure, there were days you wondered
if you’d make it.
Times, you couldn’t see your way through.
But you knew that God‘s faithfulness was steadfast,
dependable, and true.

But now all of your kids are out the house, with kids of their own,
there’s little else for you to do
but wonder where the time has gone.

You can’t take credit for their success,
and you wouldn’t want to.
So you put the attention back on God –
To whom all the credit is due.

He helped you burp your children
and settle them on one knee,
all while correcting homework
and watching the news on the tv.

You drank coffee to stay awake,
handled colicky babies before daybreak.
Teaching them to parallel park
How to trim, cut, and shave.
You proved brave.
Buying prom dresses
and attending ballet lessons.

So here’s a salute to single dads-
even if they have to muddle
their way through.
The kids would never make it
if you didn’t do the things you do,
all the while trusting God
to be faithful and true.