Oil like Gold

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Poetry

One woman dared to touch Yeshua before His crucifixion. She entered into His foreshadowed suffering and was freed from her own. She anointed Him for burial (Matthew 26:12; Mark 14:8; John 12:7). Artwork by Clarissa De Wet.

Oil rippled
like gold
to unfold
glimmers of
rapturous delight.

the broken ointment
Its scent taking flight
In around over and down
billowing waves
the perfume
with its heady bouquet
encroaching into everyone’s

Reaching under
and within the folds
of His garment
Anointing Him
for burial

While a cistern of tears,
a broken fountain, cascaded
upon his marred feet

The swishing and swaying
of tendrils curling
washing and drying

Her hair
like a flock of birds
beyond reproach
finding a nest.