Love Letter

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Poetry

Mostly, I miss your love letter, even though you send them through the post every day. When I blink my eyes, I am greeted with the sights and sounds of your love letter. So bright and noisy, the cacophony might try and drive me mad. Your love letter is in the very air that I breathe.

If you notice me,
quietly breathe on me
with Your Spirit wind. Ruchah

If you love me,
send perfume of blooms.
Bouquets of wisteria,

If you care,
warm my skin
with rays
turning me bronze
then gold.

Caress my face with
of misty vapor.

Start your playlist-
sultry whispers (just for me)
leaf-ballads in every tree.

Let Your rain
drench my locks.
Unbridled kisses
from Your wet mouth.

Shield me from gaze,
through a purple haze,
a lavender-armed
embrace of heaven
from Jacaranda.

Let us dance to the
beat of rain drums,
splish, splash, and spin
in a bath of mud.

Moist earth,
tender shoots,
all new life springing,
curling, winding towards
the light.

Telling me I can begin again.
I can be reborn.

The galaxies are far-
dark matter seem
too distant to grant a concern.

But upon the inky sky,
with crescent moon,
You write an ‘I love you’.

I believe it too.

For far as I can see,
the world’s painted visage
has been made for only me.

From Healing Hands Devotional.
Available for electronic download.