I Could Count

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Poetry

“I Could Count”

I could count sunrises
and sunsets.
But why?
When You hold
Each one in your palm.

Creator of sun, moon,
and stars.
But still
call each by name,
Stardust in your eyes.

The sea, a drip
on tongue.
The waves
a frothy mustache
on your upturned lip.

When your foot dips
in sand
continents are framed.
Indentations of bas-relief,
deserts, and bulging peaks.

For such a One
nothing is
too much, difficult,
So, I relinquish
my tight-fisted hold, today.

Lean on the bedrock
of trust
Things seen, felt
Shift, change
But you remain unmoveable.