He’d Do It All Over Again

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Poetry

“He’d Do It All Over Again”

Barabbas, a murderer,
Insurrectionist, a fraud
Set free instead of
Jesus, the very Son of God.

Another common thief, a liar,
condemned to a Roman cross
with none to grieve or
consider his death a loss.

A fate well-deserved
Justice to be served.

For equally bound that day
to a tree at Calvary
was the perfect sacrifice
who would set him free.

Then, the thief cried out,
gazing at the atoning Lamb
“When you enter your Kingdom,
Lord, please remember me.”

Pinned beside the robber,
nailed to another cruel cross…

Jesus, in a voice so hoarse,
declared to the weary thief
“Today, in paradise,
You will be with me.”

Each of the thief’s days numbered
by Creator God above,
he was destined on his last one
to experience Abba’s ultimate love.

Grace abounds.
The lost is now found.

“Never have I forgotten you,” said
the look in His eyes. I numbered
the hairs on your head. See my palm;
your name is inscribed inside.

Nails hooked God’s own Son.
Beaten by the flogging rod, drenched
in His own blood. Pierced, bruised,
rejected, crushed for all our sins.

For any Barabbas, thief, liar, sinner
or cheat, He would die all over again.