He Knows, He Understands

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Poetry

Harsh daily realities, especially abuse born in our youth, may cause some of us to doubt God’s lovingkindness. But it is for this very reason that He sent His Son Jesus to live as a man and die an excruciating death, so we could know that He cares and understands.

“He Knows, He Understands”
You say his fists
spoke louder
than his silence did.
A drunken rage
Unveiled all the malice
he cleverly hid.

You wonder where I
was when He stole
your innocence.
When He reached
for the bowl incensed
and smashed your face
to bits.

Oh my Beloved, seven times
I shed my blood for thee
Thoughts of you alone
held me to that gnarly tree.

My wounded side.
My bruised spleen.
At the cross, wrathful judgment
and love both careened.

An angry mob with its spiteful words,
taunting soldiers and their bully clubs,
And curses raining down upon me
Just because of my love for thee.

I know of a Father’s face
turned away, left feeling
Forsaken. Rejected.
Belittled. Humiliated.

Abuse hurled like stinging darts
Yet, My Father permitted my pain,
and for the joy set before me,
I rejected the shame.

You know what it’s like
to be cursed, and so do I.
I became a curse word for you
written in the sky.

The blows and lashes
spat upon. Exposed.
Beard whipped out.
Derided in Laughter.

It was so you
My precious child
could have a
better hereafter.

Access to a Father
who would never
turn His face from you,
who would see your tears
running and catch them faithfully,
store them in His bottle
and write your every day devotedly.

Yes, I bore the scourge for you
so that you would experience
the love of a Father
infinitely true.