God’s Cradle Song

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Poetry

The main protagonists in the Christmas story faced loneliness, rejection, anxiety, and fear yet risked everything to see God come to earth. They were ordinary people, Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, and the Wiseman. Even the animals got in on the act- welcoming the Son of God to earth.

With awe, I noted that it was God’s first time sleeping. Although vulnerable, Jesus could sleep because He knew His Father God had everything under control. No principalities and powers, neither Satan himself nor angry kings, could get to him, so he lay down in sweet repose.

“God’s Cradle Song”

Flee, flee
How my heart longs to flee
Cutting eyes and prying lips
Clucking tongues that
with judgment drip.

Away, away
We must get away from this place
Before hands reach for stones
Indeed, the hour grows near
for the bairn to be born.

Not here, not now
In a crowded inn
Full of dissolute criminals and prostitutes
I cannot stay
In this place of ill repute.

Hasten, hasten
descend into the grotto’s warmth
Concealed in the cave’s dark
A manger for a bed
A mattress of straw.

Quickened, quickened
Pain folds me in two
Quaking in childbirth
Ach! The Son of God
Is now come to earth.

Bundled, bundled in
Swaddled cloth upon my tired breast
Sheep baa and lowing calf moos
A soothing lullaby chorus that joins
The medley of Morningstars’ and moon’s.

Light, marvelous light,
Spills from his upturned face
He who has made angels, nature,
beast, and men-all things
Is made flesh them to redeem.

Hush, hush, now
Standing at attention, angels in awe
God sleeps for the first time in repose
Quiet now descends
Upon this blessed manger scene.