Easter Morn’ Toast

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Poetry

Black preachers have a way about them- their posturing, wringing of sweat-laden handkerchiefs, and that definite treble in their voices. Actors and orators both, they can bring alive deep truths and make them resonate in our souls. This morning’s sermon is about Jesus got up and beat the devil, hell, and the grave like a boxer going three rounds.

The preacher growled
like a lion
biting at his whip
The Holy Spirit
was astirrring
and he was about
to let it rip

Then up from his gut
came a sound
that nothin’ this side of Hell
could keep down

He said,
“the Lord rose on Easter morn’
we know its the truth
with all power in His hands
He cooked Satan’s goose.
He bound up the evil spirits
threw Hell’s key away
and gave Death such a licking
he looked like a mongrel stray.”

When the preacher finished
his saying,
a few folks had fainted
It was a Hallelujah-jumping
good time and testifying.

Now some folks say
it didn’t happen that way
But I was there and seen it all
and if I’m lying,
I’m liable to take a fall.”