Easter Morn’ Toast

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Poetry

The preacher growled
like a lion
biting at his whip
The Holy Spirit
was astirrring
and he was about
to let it rip.

Then up from his gut
came a sound
that nothin’ this side of Hell
could keep down.

He said,
“the Lord rose on Easter morn’
we know its the truth
with all power in His hands.
He cooked Satan’s goose.

He bound up the evil spirits
threw Hell’s key away
and gave Death such a licking
he looked like a mongrel stray.”

“Say early Sunday morning,
He rose up from the grave.
The Angel rolled the stone away.
Mary didn’t know what to say.
She babbled, ‘where’s my Lord?’

The Angel said, ‘he ain’t here,
but you go to the disciples
to Jerusalem he’ll draw near.’

Now up from the tomb she run,
every which way but right.
Just about that time
it was getting along night.

The Emmaus two ran to tell the disciples
what they seen and heard,
told’em they broke bread with Jesus,
and how their spirits were stirred

They cried,
‘He lives
He lives
HE Lives!’”
No matter what men may say’

-The preacher’s words punctuated the air
like Joe Louis hitting Max Smellings
like he just didn’t care-

“Now just ‘bout that time
Mary rounded the corner
she blinked back tears
Said she’d seen a wonder

Say, “Jesus is raised from the dead.
An angel is sitting by the tomb,
And if you don’t believe me
come see that empty room.”

Jesus walked right thru the door
and the disciples he stood before
Jesus said, “Put your fingers in my hand;
see that I am the Risen Lamb.”
Then, Thomas cried out,
‘Lord, it is you’
Jesus said,
“Touch me and
you’ll know it’s true.”

He told the disciples to wait
for the Holy Ghost from on high
He’d send the power, bye and bye

They waited forty days
till the rain did fall
He blessed with anointing,
tongues, and all
gifts of healing, miracles galore
There was much treasure in store.”

When the preacher finished his saying,
a few folks had fainted
It was a Hallelujah jumping good time
and testifying.

Now some folks say
it didn’t happen that way
But I was there and seen it all
and if I’m lying,
I’m liable to take a fall.