by | Feb 9, 2021 | Devotionals

The Lord has been speaking to me about understanding how to interpret our dreams. Recently I have had a series of dreams and they all seem to be saying the same thing. The reality is that what the dream seemed to indicate would happen did not come to fruition.

These kinds of situations can cause is to lose faith in God or ourselves to hear from God, and it was beginning to have that effect on me. Then I began to realise that whenever we have a dream, the first thing we must determine is, is it from God, is it from our flesh, is it from satan? If the source of the dream is from God, we need to use the Holy Spirit’s traffic light. 

Holy Spirit’s traffic light is green for go, Red for stop and yellow for wait, or caution. I realised that I needed to dig deeper than ever when I asked Jesus, and He tells me something, that I can’t just rely on what I first heard. I must see what Jesus is saying, by digging deeper. 

I had a dream where there was an individual,  a guy, and I was looking up at him and he was looking down on me. I said, ok, this dream must mean that there is continued connection. I didn’t ask Jesus. It was a dream from him but that wasn’t what He was trying to show me. 

Then when I asked Jesus, How could I have missed it, He said that it was there all along. you are looking up at him, you are admiring him, but he is looking down at you. It’s not just that he is taller than you so he has to look down. You didn’t ask me what it meant. The dream was from Me but you didn’t ask for further interpretation. You put your mesh (that’s the way I see it), your screen over the dream. You must keep digging until you get to the root. 

The Lord has given you dreams, things that he has shown you. Keep digging, keep digging, keep digging until you get to the root of what God is trying to show you, what Jesus is really meaning. Once I could see that the Lord was directing me, guiding me all along, that my interpretation, my screen, my mesh on what He was showing me was confusing things, deliverance and freedom came. 

I saw someone standing on a hill, and they had no clothes and I was standing with Jesus. In the dream, I asked Jesus why is this person without clothes? Jesus said that the person wants to be seen. I stopped right there, I didn’t ask any more questions, I put the mesh of my interpretation on the dream: this person has been wounded and hurt and that’s why they are doing the things that they are doing because they need attention and I must come and affirm them. 

Jesus didn’t say anything like that. Once I went back and I said: “But Jesus, show me.” He said: “I was trying to show you that he was the emperor without clothes, but you didn’t see it. I didn’t tell you that he was doing these things because he was wounded. I told you the truth- he wanted attention, and you extrapolated from that something altogether different. 

we can trust God with His promises and His words. If things are not seemingly lining up, then we go back and say: “Lord, is there somehow I’ve missed it? Is there something that I had misunderstood?”  I see that the Lord is faithful to reveal and help me and help anybody to adjust their expectations to His truth because He is the Spirit of truth. Then we can say: ‘Holy Spirit, is it red, is it yellow or is it green? Do I need to wait more and just be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s traffic light?’ 

That’s the prayer I am praying during this day of fasting together. that we will be sensitive to Holy Spirit’s traffic light and the little foxes- the things that come to distract, to pull us away, to steal our rest and our peace and our joy. Especially when we think ‘I’m finally going to get some rest, I’m going to get some quiet times.’ Something comes in that the Lord will rise and rebuke the devourer on our behalf. He is my defence. That’s the thing He has been teaching and showing me: stop trying to defend yourself. If I’m your defence, you will not be moved, but if you are your defence, I will not be involved. 

He told a friend of mine, and it is true for every one of us. If God is our defence, let Him do it, and that’s what I’m doing here to rest that He is my defence. I will not be moved. I don’t have to get upset. I don’t have to defend myself, I can trust Him to do it. He is your defence as well and you will not be moved.