Come to Jesus Just as You Are

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Poetry

Artwork by Jo Scott and Clarissa De Wet.

An ode to the Shameless,
to the Homeless, to the Lost,
to the Sick,
to those who
think they’re well,
come as you are.

Come needy,
come broken,
come sheltered,
come whoever you may be,
come loosed, split right open,
let the Son of God set you free.

Come unrelinquished,
come unfulfilled,
come unjudged,
come unhealed.
Just come as you are.
to be stilled and filled.

Come undone.
Come unglued.
Come in any kind of mood.
Just come.
Be held secure.
No one expects you to be pure.

Be loved.
Be restored to your
original design
by Father above.
Come one. Come all.
Respond to Your Lover’s call.

After all that’s the message
of the cross.
Open Arms. Nail-pierced hands.
Reaching out across time’s sand.
Longing to embrace
Every woman. Every man.