Christ The Saviour Is Born

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Poetry

As we prepare for Christmas on Sunday, let’s reflect on the true meaning of the day: the precious, irreplaceable gift of God’s Son.

“All Ye Faithful”

Oh, come all ye faithful
Shepherds and Wise Men
Regents and Maidens
Prophets and Miscreants

Lowly and humble,
He descended to our earth
Angels extol Him
The one of infinite worth

The Holy babe of Israel
The glorious newborn King
Celebrate Immanuel
Divinity clothed in humanity

Holy Spirit’s Word,
Borne of Virgin Womb,
Now, He bids us to come
And in our hearts, make room.

Hosanna in the highest
God’s favor rests on men
This peace-child is Sar-Shalom
The very Son of I AM.

Wonderful Counselor
Christ, mighty God, is He
Born in a manger
Sent to set every captive free.

The blameless sacrifice
Lived to serve and die
Dying once for all humanity
Returned to His Father on High.

The Perfect High Priest
He bore our iniquity and pain
He ever lives to intercede now
bringing heaven to earth again.