Cauldron of Fire

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Poetry

Cauldron of Fire

Burns and boils a cauldron of fire
full of unrighteous, wrathful desire,
kindled by men’s venomous ire,
unleashing torment, misery, and dread.
No one seems to have time for the dead;

Spewing hateful epithets and racist names,
classifying people in degrees,
Although we are all the same.
This loathsome anger has become
America’s haunting, debilitating disease.

Other nations and peoples suffer
with the same bondage of sin-
domestic violence and mental illness
are prevalent there within.
But why is it that in our great nation
we must reach for guns?

Is there a hatred so indwelling
that it causes us to yearn
with a savage wrath,
indiscriminate in its power,
that we are willing
to cut down 21 lives
in less than one hour?

Hunt and track people of color
like dogs in the street
and shoot up a house of worship
where God’s people come to meet?
Matters not the gender or age of victim,
hatred and bitterness
spew across the spectrum.

The oozing wound gushes
causing other nations to wince
While pundits rush to pointing fingers
at the other side of the fence
While Jesus simply writes in the dust and a few stop to ask “what is wrong with us?”

Are we not ashamed, this nation
that calls on Christ’s name?
The answer to our problems
are not found in a gun, political plan
or theory.
But in those who call upon
the name of the Lord.
Please hear me.

Let’s beg our sovereign God
to pour out mercy’s flood.
We call on His name,
humble ourselves and pray
For He promised He’d hear from
heaven and heal our land this day.

Try as we might to legislate
that which is right
true change only comes
when men’s hearts are won
by the love of God‘s only Son.

Then, hurting hearts are changed
to those of flesh and in the end,
we become people at our best,
those who love their neighbors,
and lend a helping hand
who see the image of God
in every child, woman, and man.

“But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Isaiah 59:2