A Father: A Godly Head of the Household

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Poetry

Some of us have had difficult relationships with our fathers. My prayer is that no matter the history between you and your earthly father, or even lack thereof, you will not fail to get to know your Heavenly Father who loves you best (Jeremiah 31:3).

Artwork by Jo Scott

“A Father: A Godly Head of the Household”
“You must follow my example, as I follow the
example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1, CEV)

Whether called Abba, Father,
Daddy, or Papa-
These titles demand many roles.
Hero. Team Coach.
Conflict Resolver. Breadwinner.
Wise Counselor. Wedding Waltzer.
All wonderful aspects
of being a father.
When life hurts,
the one who provides
a safe place to land.
Shepherding, guiding, and
lending a strong firm hand.
When the curtain of earthly existence falls,
and the flesh is laid to rest,
of all the roles that a man has played,
father will be remembered the best.
A legacy of integrity and godly faith is a must.
The size of one’s wallet or annuity
aren’t the things taken into account,
but the hours spent sipping pretend tea,
building a tree house, teaching how to knot a tie, or riding a bike.
Most important is the time
spent in God’s Word and
praying that He will make
a godly family of
your wife and children.
When you’re tempted to think
what you do doesn’t matter at all-
just remember that when Adam
abandoned his leadership position with Eve,
it resulted in human creation’s spiritual fall.
So, please, lead by godly example.